If still have any questions about your dog collar order, please contact us or call +1(888862-3121

1. How do I know what size to order?
It's easy measure the actual size of the dogs neck at the base of the neck. Don't add a finger or slack we will make sure it fits right.
To learn more about sizing your dog's neck, please visit out Lil' collar sizing page.
2. Are Lil' Dog Chains' sizable? 

Yes, ship us your new dog collar and we will ship it back to you adjusted free of charge. 

3. Will my dog collar tarnish?
Never! Lil' Dog Chains are made from a high grade 316l stainless steel. A marine grade steel called 316l stainless steel offers a unique level of strength and corrosion resistance.
4. How heavy are the dog collars? 
Lil' Dog Chains dog collar models all weight about 50 gram to 80 grams.  
5. How or where do I measure my dog's neck?
Use a cloth or vinyl tape measure not a metal one, and measure that actual size of the dogs neck where you want the collar to rest do not all slack. We will adjust the collar to the right size. 
To learn more about sizing your dog's neck, please visit out Lil'collar sizing page.
6. Does Lil' Dog Chains ship it's dog collars world wide?
Yes, Lil' Dog Chains offers an international shipping service with a shipping fee of $99.99 Any duties or costs incurred  during dog collar's transit is the sole responsibility of the online customer.
For more details about our international shipping, please visit our shipping policy.
7. Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, Lil' Dog Chains offers it's entire dog collar collection to be resold either through our reseller program or our affiliate program. Reseller program provides your business with a traceable promo code to offer your customers or social network. Our affiliate program is for businesses who wish to directly carry inventory of our branded collection either in their storefront or in their online store.
To learn how to become a reseller or affiliate of the Lil' Dog Chains brand, please visit our reseller section.